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What is Futsal?

Futsal or "soccer in the room" is a five-a-side version of the sport.

The ball is smaller and heavier — creating more control. The field is tiny — putting a premium on vision, anticipation, and quick, accurate passes. The play is lightning-fast — forcing players to anticipate and adapt.

Futsal is the "perfectly designed game" to develop soccer talent. So it comes as no surprise that almost all Brazilian youth play futsal for years before they even step on a soccer pitch.

A lot of the moves I make originate from Futsal and to this day my ball control is pretty much a futsal player’s ball control. Ronaldinho

Why Futsal?

Futsal develops skill circuits far faster than the outdoor game, because players:
  • Touch the ball more often — 600 percent more often, according to one study. More touches creates better players faster.
  • Are forced to develop more moves. Merely booting the ball down the field — often the first option in the outdoor game — doesn’t work. Futsal players practice lots of fakes and tricks — because they have to. As one Brazilian told me, “Futsal is our national laboratory of improvisation.”
  • Grow accustomed to operating in tight spaces. When they get to the outdoor game, futsal players feel as if they have all the room in the world.
Futsal helps a lot because you need to think quickly. It’s a more dynamic game and today in Europe there’s not much space so you need to think quicker and futsal has helped me a lot with that. Neymar

The Future is Futsal

  • Futsal is the fastest growing sport in the world.
  • The Professional Futsal League is launching throughout the United States in 2016.
  • The US Soccer Development Academy is now requiring futsal as a training component in all its youth Academy programs.
  • Futsal is the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA.
  • The last 3 World Cups have been won exclusively by players that grew up playing futsal.
During my childhood, futsal was all we played. If it wasn’t for futsal, I wouldn’t be who I am. Cristiano Ronaldo

“Futsal requires you to think and play fast. It makes everything easier when you later switch to football. Futsal was important in helping to develop my ball control, quick thinking, passing… also for dribbling, balance, concentration…Futsal was very, very important, no doubt.”Pele


“When you come to play normal soccer, it’s easy if you've come from Futsal.”Ronaldinho


“In futsal, you see whether a player is really talented. In normal football you don’t necessarily identify talent as easily because it’s so much more physical. But with futsal, you notice the small details in quality, class and tactical understanding.”Xavi


“When I was a young boy in Argentina, I played Futsal in the street and in a club. It was great fun and helped me to become the player I am today.”Messi


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